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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 13, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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 we don't have to do a hal hour update. we have baseball. here is the summary. nats lead top of the 6th. dukes part of a three one first. two run homer. john lannan done. and first pitch is at 5:00 eastern. so a rain delay of 2 hours and 10 minutes. maier had to be replaced. a strike. i don't know if they're waiting for more rain but 45 minutes it was not raining. they were standing next to the tarp as it was pulled.
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>> bob: there is a changeup. adam has been on base twice. and a single he struck out the 4th. youu can busy day. and leading 7-1. change up. guzman a short lead at first. and a breaking ball strikes
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out. rob, a lot of offense. scored a couple. and 2 run homerun. later in the game. guzman had it with an r.b.i. single. a couple of hits. harris a couple of runs and guzman has a couple of hits. by the way, while we were away, if you have not heard. phillies beat the mets. and a 5-2 game. got his 29th save. who is the closer. >> rob: they all are by committee and failed with the homerun. and a pop out to. >> bob: and a runner 7. it was a long top of the 6th.
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here is clippard. nd ] nd ] [ music booming, crowd cheering ] [ music booming and crowd cheering continues ] [ crowd cheering ] ( ding )
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 >> bob: tiler clippard will  time to warm up. he has been throwing down the left field side. and he came into the game on friday night. he was asked to go into a 3rd inning the first two were good. >> rob: the first six outs a lot of strikeouts, changing speeds well. you saw how humid it was.
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cooler today as the rain starts. >> bob: faces uggla, ross and paulino. the good news they may not have to see ramirez for a while. mike mors. is at 1st base. it is a double switch. and first pitch after the delay. ball one to uggla. an infield hit. he pulled it twice to 3rd base. john lan nan through 81 pitches, 51 strikes. pack breaking ball 2-0. >> rob: he allowed the one run in the 1st inning. easily could have gone 7, maybe 8. did a great job and he looked just as sharp as he did in the first six innings. and keep that going in a positive direction hopefully
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they can get the win for them. >> bob: the nats were jockeying a bit with the rotation for next weekend. they relatively short outing today a day off tomorrow maybe we'll see john on his fifth day, maybe not. 2-2. badenhop. this he have soon five florida pitchers. 2-2 to uggla. right back below us. crowd of 15,065 here today. 2-2. uggla pops it up. everybody con sr-ring.
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get out of there parcher. he ran into him. it was up there long enough you believe that the pitcher has to get out of dodge. >> rob: get off the infield you go into foul territory. if this is lifted by the mound, which it was, clippard has to get out of the way. get out of dodge, get out of land shark stadium, this could have been bad, orr, desmond. they could have hit each other now you have clippard standing there. >> bob: there is cody ross. if you are the pitcher you have done your job. >> rob: get out. get out of the way. be the traffic job. go on the sideline and get out of fair territory. too many cooks spoil the soup theory. now if it is a 10-foot pop up.
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the pitcher will catch it. 50 feet high get out of there because the infielder's job they don't want to worry about you, they are coming in, you want to get out of the way. first of all, you want the out. >> bob: off the end of the what the. and the count is 1-2. catcher paulino is next. as the nashs work their way down to the bottom of the florida batting order. high gas, cody ross on a fishing expee -on is down on strikes. >> rob: john lannan had a prosperous afternoon. a team that scored 11 runs last night. come back 12 hours later had
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the breaking ball, fastball. change up working. basically 6 hits that didn't hurt him too much. a touchdown to an extra point right now. bottom of the 6th. and very sharp. he had a 15 minute wait in the top half. and after that. settled down. >> bob: 5 innings. a walk and three strikeouts. 81 pitches. 50 strikes. >> rob: i like the beard, keep the beard. >> bob: the groupeds crew watching the sky. another ball and off the bat of paulino. , see a steady rain falling. i was talking on the radio over in the florida side a while ago
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with dave van horn long time expos and marlins radio voice, they cannot wait to tkpwhaoet their new park. this he have to wait a few more years but they have construction out of the ground. he thinks when their fans can get out of the sun not have to worry about the rain with the retractible roof, they think they will prosper as a franchise. on a day like this, hard to disagree. >> bob: change up way out was paulino. a good 1, 2, 3 for clippard. the nats, maxwell, orr and nieves. i love beer.
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(announcer) only at&t's family talk with rollover saves your family's unused minutes. and saving minutes saves money. for back to school, get the lg neon for $29.99 after mail-in rebate.  >> bob: steady rain here th top of the 7th arrives finally. maxwell and orr and nieves all three have had an impact on the game. maxwell coaxing a 2 out walk in the 3rd. nats led 3-1 and flowed a 2 run homer by pete orr only his third career shot. nieves has a hit and r.b.i. here is the pitch to maxwell. and even after the breaking ball. you are up by 6:00. the 7th inning, raining. do your hitters get more aggressive and swing early. >> rob: yes. >> bob: you are trying to get the game in you have the lead. >> rob: don't swing like spring
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training if it is around the plate you have to be happy. >> bob: right now the mar lip as 5 and a half behind the phillies who won their 81st game. colorado has a 3-1 lead at san diego. they're 5 and a half behind the rockies. maxwell trying to keep the gloves dry his grip on the bat. itworked over the mound the color color of the mound tells you they put that diamond dry whatever it is in there. and now it is a 3rd strike on maxwell. >> rob: orr had a great day filling in for ryan zimmerman. a nice couple of plays in the field today, the bat doable down the line. this is the two run homerun.
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unexpected and great job now you know that you can throw a few fill in dates. and pete orr's way. since his recall. >> rob: i want to know what zimmerman did today. he does not get a lot of days off. >> bob: what a great day for a regular to be off. everyone is dealing with the rain delays. your clip is up you can relax on a day like this. 1-1 to orr. he walked today. change up to a strike. this is turning into a change up fest between clippard and calero. anyone have a fastball. a breaking ball. orr to left center.
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cameron maybin. 2 outs. i think today what we'll do is when it is made we'll have a 7th inning because everybody will have been stretched walking around for 2 hours. nieves 1 for 3. infield hit in the 3rd. r.b.i. ground ball. in the 5th a great running play from 3rd base to go home on contact hit hard. and nothing but strikes. 
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 >> rob: marlins after thi it stays the way it is. good guys winning the game. they have to go to st. louis. day off then philadelphia. no rest for the weary fish after we leave. >> bob: they miss carpenter but they get wanewright. st. louis bombed by atlanta 9- 2. knocked chris carpenter out. they sweep on the road to st. louis. braves are not dead.
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they're one behind florida. >> bob: the rain is falling getting darker here. 2-2 to will nieves. >> rob: there are only a couple of things you worry about the sky slipping trying to catch stuff. the pitcher possibly slipping on the rubber and or the ball slipping. there you see nieves trying to find a spot to grip. the water beading up on your helmet. >> bob: cantu on the run. 1, 2, 3.   retired by kiko. u we ask that you rise, your caps and join in the singing of god bless america.
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(god bless america)   (god bless america) 
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here yet. 2 and a half innings. it is raining hard. the crew chief stopped the game once at 2:50 today. clippard threw it out of play. rocky as 10-2 since they sufficienterred that scream. they turned things around. riviera. >> rob: back in april 39-39 since that blown save. >> bob: he is amazing. clippard want as new ball again. what is the challenge on the mound under conditions like this. >> rob: the mud in the spikes make it hard, the footing to slip on the delivery. that's what i worry about the
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most with these guys. look at the kitty litter in his shoes if you will. it is really congregating. you are on skates. you have to be careful. >> bob: 1-1 the count. tampa bay lost. red sox beat them. that's 10 in a row for the rays. hard to believe that they now 19 games behind the yankees. yankees won today. they win their 92nd game of the
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year. they have evertake continue for the best in the league. clippard throw as change up. it misses. pitcher's spot due up next. bonifacio. right in there. a business hit. he didn't walk him. mar lips have the lead off man aboard in the 7th. bonifacio may have been called back. here is ross. >> rob: tried to make contact. he has great speed he is their justin maxwell. he can run like the wind. >> bob: bases were empty he is going to act like a 1 out lead out man. now they have a runner. >> rob: i think with in the
5:24 pm
game it is pouring down rain he would lie to lay down a bunt. >> bob: ross gload a homer and 13-inch r.b.i.s. and morse is right there and play behind him. this is not known as a wet track but a sloppy track. it is about to get gummy out there. o-2. you can hear the hitters and the sliding around he stays
5:25 pm
alive.   >> bob: off speed pitch i >> rob: really covering the world series last year. these conditions are nothing compared to that one game in philadelphia, they should have stopped that game so quickly when it was pouring down rain. they let it go for too long. >> bob: when you don't make the right call then you are stuck
5:26 pm
living with something. you are talking about a world championship decided. >> rob: athletes bj up ton stole a base. he slid through mud and splashing water. we have to call this. >> bob: they called one in texas like that. i saw a base runner going by the time the slide was done he was 6 feet beyond the bag. nolan ryan sitting out in the rain. get him an umbrella. >> bob: a tough guy. >> rob: he is tough but no sitting in the rain. guzman is there. that did not carry. that's 1 out here in the 7th. we love it within you ask about
5:27 pm
the nats. and roland denny would like to know about the advantage of the situation like this. >> rob: the pitcher if he can keep his footing. any ball that he hits will be beat down by the rain. a lot of guys like me you played under this before whether it be in baseball or other sports. it's not that bad as long as it's not touring down and your footing isn't good. >> bob: detroit broke a losing streak beating toronto. >> rob: this is not the same conditions as shadows, bob. left field. >> bob: there is harris.
5:28 pm
slicing a bit back toward him. when you keep chris on base that's major. >> rob: is that a victory. >> bob: a victory on the way to winning the war, and ross. two major victories. now nick johnson is considering ramirez is next. fly to center. fly to right. >> bob: throwing a lot of off speed stuff these days. he has been effective the last couple of times out.
5:29 pm
there is another ball. >> rob: some of the drier parts of the uniform. you see clippard pulling trying to keep his hand dry. >> bob: the only thing that may usher another delay is the 3rd out in this inning. umpires like to finish a half inning if possible. >> rob: they willing putting the tarp on. >> bob: the baseline between 7th and 3rd is puddling. nick johnson high in the air. a late break. dukes is there. he has it. up to see what is going on. he is walking in toward home plate. into the 8th inning. 7-1.
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rob: 7-1 nationals the top the 7th and top of the 8th tuesday the nationals will be masn knock versus cliff lee and five ins. 13-11 record and
5:32 pm
cleveland and 6-2. and coverage 6:30. spook. bob: spooking of coverage. with of the more impressive things i have seen. bob: crews are scrambling out. he is able to do most of the a couple of swipes. they have another one. it is going to take five minutes to dump this as to the fellow at 3rd one guy is called to drive up the grass. it takes a unique effort to be the grounds crew under like this.
5:33 pm
when we have rain delays. the field and you play. and it is really a fascinating area weather. >> rob: and make them playable that vehicle whoever that. that. back loading the first one again.
5:34 pm
soak up the moisture we have right now. in the bottom of the 5th the top of the 6th now. rockies lead the padres a count of 3-2. dodgers and lead over colorado colorado.
5:35 pm
rob: 4, 5 with the catcher he is standing there not moving could have been a disaster is a bit of a dance step. could have been spiked. you. to make sure is easy you want to get off field. have shown they go the stuff and they were here and taking the infield you have desmond and over 3rd. not the normal every day positions because that kind of stuff you reinforce it a few times.
5:36 pm
riggleman is doing it, manny, you do fielding and you make sure and things during the course a game. you need to remember. bob: tyler clippard has maybe pitched his last today. pitched two scoreless the way it has been from the phillies tuesday night 6-2, 8 start as 311 e.r.a. did some heavy hitting against the other night will be pitching and cole
5:37 pm
hamles. rob: they will try to build and the mar lips going back into st. louis. the division -- marlins into the st. louis. did reload. and the nats pitchers. more in a moment. ♪
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 >> bob: the top of the 8th coming up. in the year 2012 marlins will move into their new home. the roof is open. then on days like this the roof is closed. looks like disney. closing the roof and it is 272 degrees and gorgeous inside. -- 72 degrees and gorgeous inside. >> bob: they will shelf the florida name, they will do a change in the team colors they have made a change as well.
5:40 pm
and harris and desmond in the top of the 8th. >> rob: my 2 cents. and doesn't have enough coffee shops. >> bob: hats off to the groupeds crew. mike morse he is 5 for 15. and all of them has a pinch
5:41 pm
hitter. you like his size and strength and pop. >> rob: i'm not the only one and a lot more knowledge than i do. they like the way he swings the bat. they like the way he carries him. he has a lot of power. he is a utility guy. in a pinch and the out field on the corners. he can be 3rd. he is like a bigger version of cantu. >> bob: he doesn't have power. he does. >> rob: there are not that many versatile power hitting right handers that you can bring off. >> bob: takes the fastball inside 2-1 from badden hop.
5:42 pm
jammed. harris has been on base three times and swing the bat to do it. they must have some frightening scouting reports on him. he has walked 7 times. , they want to part of the hot roads. -- rods. they like what mike rizzo is doing with the club. he is going after players not just talent guys that want to play, they will not be disruptive. morgan is a great addition. bringing in kids like desmond. no room here. they put those deep down there. a few years ago. and getting close to the
5:43 pm
action. >> bob: if you are not between first and 3rd base. you are fans find it uncomfortable to sit in certain parts of the park. they wheel around by it is not a baseball stadium but they have one soon. alive. a 2-2 count. work for a couple of championships. that's not bad. they have never won a division. rips it. ramirez knocks it down. that's a good play. that is stunned. another quality at back for morse. top of the order for harris.
5:44 pm
[ laughter ] >> rob: mike morse. he hits it. a couple of hops it comes up. hits ramirez. throw as nice stroke over. >> bob: well played. >> rob: yes. here is willie. three walks in the series. o-6. 7 walks four runs scored. , the key whether he is getting a hit any way you can find a way to get on base. and score some runs. he had a couple scored. that's what you want him to do. >> bob: harris a base hit. that's what happened when you pitch to him. 1 out in the 8th. desmond coming up. >> rob: a couple of hits and
5:45 pm
strikeouts today. and they started to move the ball away from him and his power zone. he has to make adjustments going the other way with it i has one hit in the series. two of them the other way. he pounced a single. then to right field and it fell in front of carroll. he has gone the other way a couple of times. see if he can keep doing it. when he pulls it he can do damage. 6 for 8. 8 for 12 as a hitter. high bouncer. for the rain that would have
5:46 pm
bounced over cantu's head. if you were not with us earlier today. there is gonzales. desmond did play 2nd base in high school and in a fall league in hawaii a couple of years ago. he did get in the game today with guzman. uggla has it. desmond will beat the relay. a 4-6 fielder's choice. 2 outs. you will not believe the anchors we hired for the post game show. first of all debatey taylor tributes. and offense striking early and off. the road trip to philadelphia. a couple of guys will tell you
5:47 pm
about. >> rob: best fillle in guys. we could fill a week if we had to. [ laughter ] >> bob: we're looking forward to that. guzman in the game. gonzales is after him to hit for the pitcher t is on the double switch. in the clean up spot. the new pitcher will be berg berg -- bergmann facing ramirez, cantu and uggla in the bottom of the 8th. nats lead by 6. guzman up the middle. ramirez, uggla late covering. and the throw is the first. that was interesting.
5:48 pm
about took off. wait he is there a 4 for 35 alberto as a pinch hitter this year. 5 for 10. 4 r.b.i.s. may not want me to say that a
5:49 pm
bouncer. uggla is there. the inning is over. they have left 9. bottom of the 8. bergmann on the way, 7-1. coach "romeo" crennel, we hear... you're a real romeo with the ladies. okay. ( chuckles ) coach! what should i say to a girl after i buy her an ice-cold coors light? how you doin', ya know? i like to whisper in a lady's ear... that coors light is brewed down to 34 degrees. if you can do that, that can go a long way for you. it has. ( chuckles ) frost-brewed coors light. official beer sponsor of the nfl. coach romeo, in your experience,
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what happens after a woman turns you down? if i knew, i'd tell ya, but i don't know. oh, congratulations. at some restaurants when you get boneless wings... what are you really paying for? whoa! ha ha! i say "happy," you say "birthday!" happy... birthday! who's hungry? why pay for flair when you can get all the flavor for just $3.99 with wendy's new boneless wings. tender, juicy chicken, hand tossed in our signature buffalo or bbq sauce. it's waaaay better than fast food. it's wendy's.  >> bob: nationals baseball
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masn brought to you by: >> bob: baseball weather, yes. you think. bottom of the 8th on a very rainy day in south florida. nats have 6 outs to get. so far so good for the bullpen. short and gonzales stays in the game to play 2nd base. now bergmann is batting in the number 3 spot. ramirez a pair of singles today. >> rob: maybe the last chance to get something going in the game. >> bob: a good breaking ball.
5:52 pm
>> rob: this is the first inning they have not mounted any kind of attack. >> bob: three hits. getting ross to short after ramirez who then stole a base. cantu and uggla single. right field. a ways to go for dukes. cannot get there. fair ball. ramirez is 3-4. they give him three singles no rib robs. nor.b.i.s. >> rob: this is tailing away on the inside out kind of swing
5:53 pm
and a long way to go to try to catch it. a single and dive. they get a double or triple. next is cantu. >> bob: cantu a base hit drove in the 86 run. desmond, great play. gonzales turns it. >> rob: nice play a double play. one of the best of the year. started by the rookie. >> rob: under sloppy conditions. they moved him to short. this a natural position. a beautiful across the body throw. he has his back turned that's one of the things that talked about you will be blind sided.
5:54 pm
ramirez comes in. doesn't come in hard. he is able to around the 6-4-3 doable play. nice job. >> bob: and bases manity. 2 outs for uggla. uggla today infield hit, three trips. 3-3 in the series. bergmann has some deception going on that breaking ball today. >> rob: having his way with uggla. >> bob: the fun fan said you
5:55 pm
better not play like this in st. louis. [ laughter ] there is the bullpen. 8 guys trying to get. >> bob: that's not a september bullpen canopy, that's for four people. >> bob: and way in the back. >> rob: the old guys they need to stay warm they are the book ends. >> bob: and hopefully none of them will have to pitch. bergmann may be in line for 2 innings. a couple of quick outs here. 2-2 on uggla. fall away. if you throw it on 2-2, throw it on 3-2. a fastball for a strike sounds god with ross
5:56 pm
waiting. walked him. , a hit a double play. and a walk. ad ross. >> bob: i'd be curious to look up at about this time of the day on october 4th. after the nats have finished the last game see what desmond's numbers are and our impressions of him are after seeing him for the better part of three and a half weeks. debbi taylor said she talks to scouts, her husband is a scout. they will tell debatey and tell us don't get fooled by what you see in september. but you remember see 320 than 220 and good defense rather than struggles. >> rob: guys get people out and saw ross there. he is a fan of the green lan
5:57 pm
tern series, standing in the mourning down rain. eyes more black. >> bob: uggla has his share. >> rob: they are gamers. football season. >> bob: this would be a irritating run to give up within you are up by 6. breaking ball has been the best here. >> rob: and stick with it. duncan school of thought. tack your best and throw it the
5:58 pm
majority of the time. >> bob: jason is waiting, ross stepped out. just now back in the box. that was the real off speed pitch. slider has been around mid80s. another 3-2 count. if he walks him jim riggleman may have to get the bullpen busy. not for the double play i don't want to think about what this may be like. >> bob: out of play. san diego has picked up a couple of runs. the bottom of the 6th.
5:59 pm
they lead the rockies now 4-3. bergmann hangs one an r.b.i. hit. harris over to get it. and digging for two. a good play sends him back. 7-2. and run scores because of the walk. ross has the 8-game hit streak. >> rob: that will get the bullpen going. now doing a little throwing. >> bob: and paulino. >> rob: bottom of the order. let's go. >> bob: that


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